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The Simpleton's Guide to Success, original web series

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Now there’s the hilarious “The Simpleton’s Guide to Success,” in which the sisters transform themselves into hapless aspiring twin actors Molly and Lena in a series of five 10-minute episodes that comprise a mockumentary...The ways in which the game but clueless twins attempt to find acting jobs are comically cringe-worthy, their exploits filmed by their overenthusiastic Cousin Saul (Steven Thomas). 

Jean Schiffman, San Francisco Examiner


Silent Sky Jewel Theatre Company

As the fireball Henrietta who arrives at Harvard in 1893 with a newly minted degree from Radcliffe College and the expectation she has been hired by Edward Pickering to be an astronomer, Michelle Drexler brings nuance and fierce exuberance to her role... It's pure joy to watch Drexler show wonder, disbelief and logical enlightenment as she listens to Margie play the piano.  Suddenly her eyes grow wide as she darts around and talks to herself: "Oh my God-- it's tonal!  The stars are like music. There's a pattern! The brightest stars take the longest time to blink!"

Joanne Engelhardt, Santa Cruz Sentinel

The story begins in Wisconsin, circa 1900, where the Leavitt family resides.  Supported by her minister father, Henrietta (a vivid performance by Michelle Drexler) has graduated from Radcliffe.

- Lisa Jensen, Good Times Santa Cruz

Company San Francisco Playhouse

The charming trio of Marta (Teresa Attridge), Kathy (Michelle Drexler) and April (Morgan Dayley) deliver a chipper "You Could Drive a Person Crazy," showing off the best of choreographer Kim Richards' work... Drexler is lovely in one of the show's most poignant and revealing scenes.

- Rober Sokol SF Examiner

The gals are predictably quite different, each with her own take on commitment.  Their song, "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" is delightfully belted out by the trio

-Cari Lynn Pace, Mill Valley Herald

Harry Thaw Hates Everybody Shotgun Players

(Things kick) off in high gear with bright preshow piano rags and Michelle Drexler and Will Dao's comically dynamic period pop hits.  Sadly, Drexler and Dao are little used after that."

- Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

As the two silent servants, Will Dao and Michelle Drexler are terrific.

- Jean Schiffman, San Francisco Examiner

Rounding out the cast are Will Dao as the butler Poire, and Michelle Drexler as the maid Mirabelle.  Both give striking presentations in their respective roles.  They are delightful in a 15-minute pre-show performance singing the period pop hits of the day like "A Bird in a Guilded Cage" and "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now."

- Richard Connema,

The limber, fine-voiced cast does spirited ensemble work... (including) Will Dao (Poire) and Michelle Drexler (Mirabelle), who provide engaging pre-show songs.

- Robert Hall,

Another good thing is the unexplained but welcome presence of the two "domestics"-- Poire (Will Dao) and Mirabelle (Michelle Drexler)... Both actors were entertaining the public with their singing of the period schlagers... (they were) a delight to behold.

- Emma Krasnov, Art and Entertain Me

Into the Woods San Francisco Playhouse

Standout moments also come from... the delightfully self-absorbed bitchery of Bekka Fink and identical twins Lily and Michelle Drexler as Cinderella's tormenting family.

- Robert Sokol, SF Examiner

Others who shine in this fast-paced musical are Bekka Fink as Cinderella's Stepmother and Lily Drexler and Michelle Drexler as her two evil daughters.

- Richard Connema,

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Berkeley Playhouse

The shepherdess for this flaky flock is the former spelling bee queen, beautifully played by Michelle Drexler.  She's encouraging, yet a bit envious and nostalgic about the incoming rulers of her roost.

- Cari Lynn Pace, Best of the Bay Area

The use of volunteers not only kept the play fresh, but was also a testament to the actors' abilities to ad lib and improvise.  As "volunteer speller" Mark Nelson walked to the microphone, the bee's host, Rona Lisa Peretti (Michelle Drexler) informed us that "Mark is a direct descendent of Zeus, Greek God of hot guys" and proceeded to give him a flirtatious wink, inducing laughter from the crowd.

- Rosemarie Alejandro, The Daily Californian

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